From NemID to MitID

MitID is the next generation of NemID.

The new name signals a new generation of NemID capable of more than the previous generation.

NemID – a societal issue

NemID is central to the public digital infrastructure and part of everyday life for both citizens and businesses alike. Practically every person use NemID daily to visit digital self-service solutions, like,,, banking, and online shopping.

NemID is a secure digital identification of individuals, private businesses and their employees. In addition, NemID is a digital signature, you use to document who you are and to sign digitally.

A safe and user friendly solution

MitID is made with all the good experiences from NemID optimizing the technical progress to the fullest. Denmark will continue with a strong and secure digital identification and signature:

  • Secure
  • User friendly
  • Flexible
  • Based on standards

Danish Agency for Digitisation in cooperation with the Danish banks work to make MitID available to all.