Go from NemID to MitID

If you have NemID, you are just about ready to use MitID. You can reuse your user-ID from NemID with your new MitID.

MitID is the digital future, and we have made it easy to migrate from NemID to MitID. The two are similar in many ways, and you will not experience significant differences as you log on with MitID somewhere the first time:

  • You log on with your user ID.
  • You confirm using your authenticator for example the MitID app.

A significant difference between the NemID and MitID is that you cannot use a key card as authenticator anymore. You must use an electronic authenticator. If you don’t have smartphone or won’t use the MitID app, you can order another authenticator, like the MitID code display.

Read more about MitID authenticators.

Your user ID

We want to make it as easy for you to use MitID as possible. Therefore, you can use the same user ID with MitID as you used with your NemID.

If you rather have a completely new user ID, you can choose to do so, as you create your MitID.

Start your migration from NemID to MitID.

Download the Get MitID with NemID PDF for a step-by-step guide.