13 to 14 years old

You can get MitID when you turn 13 years old. You will not be notified automatically like all NemID users, so it is to be considered an offer for your age group. As you turn 15 years old, you will get a letter from the authorities that you need to get a digital mailbox and NemID. At the moment the letter will point to NemID, subsequently you will be informed by your online bank that you need MitID. The letter will change its focus from NemID to MitID during 2022. You will then get a letter as you turn 15 informing you to get MitID as opposed to NemID

If you can't wait to get MitID until you are 15 but need it now, you can get it from your citizen service centre. Remember to book a time prior to your meeting. 

For more information on how to get NemID from Borger.dk (open in a new window in Danish).