Before you get MitID

MitID is replacing  NemID. You will use MItID  verify your identity on the internet in the  same way you use NemID today. For example:

  • Log on to your netbank
  • Read digital mails from the Government
  • Shop on the internet

Throughout 2021 and 2022 all NemID users must migrate to MitID. The great majority of NemID  users will get MitID through their online or mobile banking. You will be notified automatically, when you need to migrate. You will receive a notification as you log on to your online og mobile bank. Since MitID is faced in 2021 and 2022, you should be aware that it might take time before you are asked to migrate.

If you are not  a customer in  a Danish or a Greenlandic bank, you need to get your MitID from

If you are a NemID user, you will receive  a digital letter from the the Danish Digitization Agency and the MitID partnership. The letter will inform you precisely what you need to do to get MitID. You do not need to do anything until you receive the letter.

MitID can be used in different ways. You can use the MitID app to swipe or get your codes using the MitID code diplay, the MitID audio code reader or the MitID chip. You can get and use the MitID app, the MitID code display and the MitID audio code reader for free. Read more about the different MitID authenticators here  

NemID is a secure solution at the moment but with the introduction of MitID, we enhance the security dimension both now and in the future. One security enhancement is the phasing out the code card since it unfortunately presents a potential security problem. Another security enhancement is that we enable more transparentcy when in the process of executing a transaction. In addition you will be informed via the MitID app, SMS or E-mail, if another authenticator is being activated, or if you are using MitID from a computer that you haven’t  previously used for this purpose.

As you get MitID, you need to keep your NemID code card or NemID app until further notice. The reason for this is that you in a transitional period still will use NemID until NemID is closed for good. Your bank or the Danish Digitalisation Authority will inform you, when your NemID is obsolete.

MitID will not cost you anything, as a starting point.

  • The MitID is free, and so are the first three MitID code displays and MitID audio code readers. Battery life is expected to be approximately 10 years (normal use), so unless you loose your MitID code display or MitID audio code reader, MitID will not cost you 

  • If you work with sensitive data or log on to MitID several times a day, you can purchase a MitID chip.

  • It is not a requirement that you get MitID, just as NemID is not a requirement. However, NemID will cease to exist in the future. This means that you have have NemID today and would like to continue to use the same digital services you normally use, you will need MitID. If you need help getting MitID, please contact your bank. Support for MitID is also available from or from MitID support.
  • The public authorities are obligated to help the citizens, who aren’t able to use the digital self-service solutions.

During the Fall of 2021, you will receive digital mail from the Danish Digitalization Authority and the MitID Partnership instructing you in how to get MitID. Until you receive this E-mail, you don’t need to do anything.

If you don’t have NemID, you are required to visit a Citizen Service Centre, when you visit Denmark next. You are able to do so in 2022.

Read more about it here Danes living abroad.

If you have a Danish CPR-number or a NemID, you can get MitID. Through the Fall of 2021, you will receive digital mail from the Danish Digitalization Authority and the MItID Partnership informing you about how you can get MitID. Until then, you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t have a CPR-number and NemID, you need to visit your Citizen Service Center to get MitID. You will be able to apply in 2022.

Read more about it here Non-citizens in Denmark.

If you want access to the public online services like student grants or the Danish Tax Authority, MitID will be required.

Read more about it here Non-citizens in Denmark.

It is possible for you to get MitID as a 13 years old. It is an offer to anyone, who needs to access the different self-service solutions, e.g. online banking,, og just checking taxes for your part time job. As a parent, if your child is 13 and needs MitID, you and your child must visit your citizen service centre to get his/hers MitID. The reason for your physical visit to your citizen service centre is to document your identity thus avoid identity theft. 

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