Reactivate MitID app

If your MitID app is blocked, you need to reactivate it.

You need a temporary PIN code to reactive your MitID app. Your temporary PIN code is sent to you via SMS.

To get the PIN code, you need to contact MitID support, visit the Citizen Service or contact your bank, that is, if your bank is able to help you with MitID.

Contact MitID support.

Find the nearest Citizen Service Centre.

Enter the PIN code

When you have received your temporary PIN code, you need to enter the PIN code in your MitID app.

  1. Open your MitID app.
  2. Click the little cogwheel in the upper left corner to open Settings.
  3. Select 'Forgot PIN code'.
  4. Enter the temporary PIN code.
  5. Follow the instructions on how to create a new PIN code. You wil use this PIN code going forward to log on and approve using the MitID app.