Non-citizens in Denmark

You can get MitID as a non-citizen in Denmark.

Udlændinge i Danmark

If you need access to any public services or authority in Denmark, like Danish Student Grants or the Danish Tax Authority, MitID is required.

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If you don’t have a CPR number or a NemID

If you don’t have a CPR number or a NemID, you need to visit Citizen Service to get MitID.

Visit a citizen service centre

When you visit a citizen service centre, you must:

1. bring valid documentation, e.g. your passport, driver license or picture ID 

2. answer a set of questions about yourself (based on information about you from the CPR-register) in order to confirm you are the person you claim to be. This requires that enough information about you exist in the CPR-register, which can depend on how long you have lived in Denmark and if you have postal address in the country.

If the system can't generate enough questions for you to answer, then you need to bring a witnesser, who can testify to your identity. We recommend that you bring a witnesser. 

What is a witnesser? 
A witnesser is a person, who will attend the meeting with you and is able to confirm your identity. The person must be of legal age (18 years old) and have had MitId for at least 10 days. 

The witnesser must bring valid documentation (Danish or Greenlandic passport or driver license) and his/hers MitID. A person is limited to be a witnesser for 3 persons over a 120 days period.

3. remember to book at time at the citizen service centre

Find your nearest citizen service centre and book a time

If you previously have lived in Denmark

You would have received at letter about MitID at the beginning of October last year? You received the letter because NemID became MitID and you were registered as a NemID user. The letter was sent by Digital Post and can be read on or e-Boks. The letter explains how to get MitID. Five different letters ws sent to five different groups. which group you were placed in depended on whether you had online banking in Denmark or not, and whether you needed to update your information in NemID or not. Therefore, the letters were targeted  the individual recipient’s situation. If you no longer use NemID, you can simply ignore the letter.