Non-citizens in Denmark

You can get MitID as a non-citizen in Denmark.

Udlændinge i Danmark

If you need access to any public services or authority in Denmark, like Danish Student Grants or the Danish Tax Authority, MitID is required.

If you have a Danish CPR-number and NemID

If you already have a Danish CPR-number and a NemID, it is easy to get a MitID. Start your migration from NemID to MitID.

Remember that you need an authenticator in order to log on or approve using MitID. Learn more about MitID authenticators.

If you don’t have NemID

If you don’t have NemID, you need to visit Citizen Service. Find a Citizen Service Centre

Non-citizen moved out of Denmark

Have you previously lived in Denmark and did you receive a letter about MitID at the beginning of October? You receive the letter because NemID becomes MitID and you are registered as a NemID user. The letter was sent by Digital Post and can be read on or e-Boks. The letter helps you how to get MitID. There are five different letters. What excactly you need to do depends on whether you have online banking in Denmark or not, and whether you first need to update your information in NemID or not. Therefore, the letters are targeted at the individual recipient’s situation. If you no longer use NemID and are sure that you will not need it again, you can simply ignore the letter.