Individuals with special needs

MitID is also available to individuals with impaired vision.

Særlige behov

If you need to access public digital services in Denmark, you must have a MitID.

MitID can be used by people with impaired vision. Both the MitID app and the MitID audio code reader support people with impaired vison.

MitID app supports a screen reader and a one-time password codes will be sent as SMS and can be read out loud.

Read more about MitID app.

The MitID Audio Code Reader has a large screen and is able to read password codes out loud. You can also use it with earphones to increase privacy.

Read more about the MitID audio code reader.

Other special needs

If you are unable to use MitID, you can use a guardian.

Read more about MitID and guardianship.

If you have a NemID

If you already have a NemID, it is easy to get a MitID.

Start your migration from NemID to MitID.

Remember that you need an authenticator in order to log on or approve using MitID.

Learn more about MitID authenticators.

If you don’t have NemID

If you don’t have NemID, you need to visit Citizen Service on your next visit to Denmark.

Find your Citizen Service Centre.