Citizen service

Waiting time in citizen service

A lot of people seek help to MitID from the citizen services. Therefore, you might encounter waiting times for available time slots. Remember that you can't book at time for help with MitID before you have been notified by your bank that it is your turn. 

What do I do if I can not get a time before the deadline from my bank expires?

If you do not have the opportunity to attend citizen service before deadline or if there are no available time slots left, you can contact your bank and ask for an extension of the deadline.

Find your bank's support number

Find the nearest Citizen Service Centre and book a time

It is also possible to book an appointment in your neighboring municipality. It might be worth a try to check if you can get there faster.

Check what you need to bring as valid documentation

Once you have MitID, you can still use the Citizen Service

Once you start using your MitID and encounter problems, you must contact your bank or MitID Support ( In some cases, the support will not be able to help you and will refer you to your Citizen Service Centre.