Security in MitID

MitID provides you with a digital identity that proves who you are, when you log on or approve transactions using MitID. It is therefore important that you protect your MitID.

Despite the fact that MitID adheres to the newest security standards, it is still important that you protect your personal MitID.

  1. Do not show your codes to others.
  2. Do not ever share your MitID app, MitID code display or MitID audio code reader with others.
  3. Do not share your user ID with others – with the exception of MitID support, if and only if you have initiated the contact.
  4. Do not ever approve a transaction using MitID based on a phone call, an E-mail or a visit from someone pretending to represent a bank, support or something else. You will never be contacted in that way.
  5. Always read which transaction text for the transaction you are about to approve with MitID. If the text does not correspond with your intentions, or if you haven’t initiated the transaction, do not approve.

Internet security in general

If you want to read more about internet security in general and not only about MitID, consult

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