You can use MitID here

MitID will be phased in gradually. You can follow how MitID is rolled out on this page. You can see where MitID can be used and where you still need to use NemID.

Keep your NemID until further notice

Even when you get your MitID, you need to keep your NemID until further notice. This applies especially to the code card but also to the NemID app. You need to keep it since MitID is rolled out over a period of time, and during this period, there will be sites and situation, where you still need your NemID. You will be informed directly, when you need to stop using your NemID – either in your online bank or your mobile bank or via digital mail.

Business and associations

Self-employed businesses can use MitID once they have a personal MitID. The NemID Private for business is identical to the MitID Private for business.

Associations can register an association representative in the CVR-register, who then can use his or hers private MitID to act on behalf of the association.

MitID Busines, which replaces the NemID Employee Signature, will be available in 2022. Businesses, associations and authorities will receive more information about this at a later time.

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